Behind a photo

We see beauty, let us see it with your own eyes

From a simple idea to a project that simulates the comfort of a person.

A special innovative photography theme that allows the viewer to see in the eye of the photographer. We always know that a person sits in his comfortable position with his feet in front of him, but we forget ourselves and always focus on the ocean only, and here came Sitography to simulate the comfort for you as you put the foot in front of the ocean to feel that you are here at the same time that the photographer sees it.

Majdi between the lines

A photographer who trained more than 3000 students and 400 regiments in photography and won many local and international awards and got many interviews on the most famous news channels to talk about her project, including Al Jazeera.

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Sitography exhibition opening

A photographic exhibition by the artist Al-Qudah at Al-Hussein Cultural Center

Majdi Alqudah


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